Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Printastic Heather Nevay

We are proud of our connection with Heather Nevay, an artist who divides her time between Tighnabruaich and Glasgow, when she's not jetting off to London and Miami for her own exhibition openings.

A Cloud of Ruddy Hue (570mm X 705mm) £580

Heather's work is highly sought after and in the last decade, she has developed a cult following.

As the writer and filmmaker, James Burge, says of her work: Heather Nevay's paintings shock at first sight. She employs a repertoire of images that appear to have found their way to us from Hieronymus Bosch via classic cinematic horror."

Whenever we have her original work in the gallery, it never hangs around for long – such is the demand for Heather's paintings. 

So, we are delighted to be able to present for the first time ever, a series of limited edition digital prints of Heather's work.

The quality is stunning and we think Heather's many fans will be impressed by these affordable yet beautiful prints.

Each is printed in a limited edition of 25 and is signed and numbered by Heather. It also comes with a certificate of authentication. prices are for the unmounted print but dark stained wood frames, designed and approved by the artist, can also be supplied.

T: 01700 PA21 2DR
E: andrew@tig-gallery.com

The Poyson'd Cloud (410mm X 505mm) £500

Flesch Hook (465 X 595mm) £450

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