Saturday, 17 December 2011

Gorgeous Boxes for Christmas by Maria Santos Alcantara

Using a combination of enamels, veneers, semi-precious stones or glass. Maria creates beautiful mirrors, boxes, photo frames and decorative panels.  No two pieces are exactly alike as no casting or pressing is involved. Each piece has been worked individually from her own designs. Pewter and Silver foil are a relatively new innovation and its malleability enables quite intricate repousse and chase techniques to be used. Modern pewter contains no lead and is made up of 91% Tin, 1,5% Antimony and 7,5% Copper. Much of her inspiration comes from the natural world and the flexibility of pewter enables me to recreate the beauty of nature in every small detail. Pewter has an enduring quality and since it does not oxidise, it requires no other care than an occasional dust.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tig Gallery applies for own art

At last we have been invited to apply for Own Art - which we are delighted about. This means that Sandeels Bay, Iona by Erni Upton which is £1650 would be £165 a month over 10 months. This is something we have been hoping to do for some time. Own Art have quite strict rules about the galleries they will accept - so fingers crossed that they will us!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Storm pictures from Pam Carter

These are two lovely, and appropriate pictures from Pam: Storm Line and Storm Surf.  Beautifully framed with an antiquey silver finish they are £1,100 each or £2,000 the pair (Oh dear I sound like a Marrakesh trader!).  We are batoning down the hatches again today - another southerly approaching and on a rising tide

Saturday, 10 December 2011

High land, hard rain & wind (lots of it)

Full moon over the Kyles
Sundown time

We had to take the long way round - trees being cleared on the A819 to Inverary

Well, it's been some week here in the Kyles. Penny was on a trip down south and came home to the storm which has been dubbed Hurricane Baw... let's not go there (ed)!

Cue a long diversion to get home to Tighnabruaich.

Still, when the weather is extreme here in Argyll, it just makes for better scenery. You can see why so many creative people are drawn here. Round every corner - in all weathers - the scenery is jaw-dropping.

Here's a selection of images taken by Andrew over the last few days.

West Kyle
Worth all the detours...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wind-lashed but battling on

Well, it's been a stormy few days, but we are hardy souls here in Argyll and we don't let a little breeziness get us down.

This picture will bring it all home to you, even if you are far, far from our secret coast...

Defiance 1 by Paul Bennett (oil on canvas, 92x92cms) £750.00